Ballot is a credit card that helps you spend your values.


The Conscious Credit Card

How It Works

Ballot is a credit card that brings ethical transparency to your purchases. As a Ballot cardholder, you will be able to:

  • Follow issues you care about, mediated by some of today's best non-profit organizations

  • Pay for purchases with your Ballot Card, just like you would with any other credit card

  • Get a mobile notification immediately when you’ve just bought something from a company that supports causes you care about, or one you disagree with (so you can return the item immediately!)

  • Send a message to the store that’s tied to your purchase

  • Use your points to benefit the causes you value most

  • See which values your purchases are supporting, with your monthly statement 

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Every purchase you make is a vote for the values of the corporation you’re buying from. You should know what you’re voting for.
— Ballot Co-Founders




Ballot is launching in early 2019. Sign up now for updates, and for special member benefits available to the first batch of cardholders. Let's make an impact together!